Friday, January 27, 2012

Out Of Balance, Injury, Stress, and Just Hating Work

Marathon training has just incurred a giant setback. Without to much incriminating detail, work is just taking a toll on me physically and mentally. In trying to speed through my workday, take short cuts and lift crap this is way beyond what I can safely do I completely trashed my back and it's put the brakes on  my training schedule. It was great for a little while being ahead of my schedule!
The stress of taking a gigantic step backwards yet again in my career has broken the straw on -this- camels back.
I'm feeling very old and useless in today's world. Getting old really sucks!
Tomorrow in instead of a run I'll try to get in a very fast bike ride to keep up my aerobic level. I think the gym and running may need a few days off. Back injuries don't seem to bother my back as much when I'm riding.
A bit depressed tonight so, not much to really say.

Monday night I had a good 8 miles or so to the bridge and back. Of course the bridge looked awesome as usual and I took a shot of it during my run.

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Hil said...

I had the same type of thing happen to me last year. I injured my back and was not able to train for my upcoming half marathon for about a month. I was so scared and bummed. With time and rest, I was able to heal and had three weeks to get back in the running mode before the race. I did not get the practice distances in that I wanted to, but I did finish with a pretty good time.
I hope you feel better! Take it easy. It's ok to rest :)