Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hopper's Hands Or Bust

So today I decided to take my camera with me on my run. The forecast today was for clouds and scattered showers...?                             .................WRONG!
I couldn't have picked a more perfect day for a run. Although windy it was still a nice run and a great tailwind for the finale.

It seemed like everybody in the city was out on the Marina and Golden Gate and the ones who weren't were probably up in Tahoe enjoying the new snow. I obviously was not the only one to show up at the Golden Gate with camera in hand...

I had a little issue with a camera truck blocking the money shot!

The Run:

I had trouble getting started and out the door today. Of course I had to deal with more weekend work issues which held me up and I found myself as usual having to hurry and get out in a time crunch. I launched out the door the first time, got four blocks away and realized I'd forgot my headphones and Nano. I ran back and found my nano out of charge so, grabbed Cathy's Ipod and ran back out to start again.

I'm having a bit of trouble loosening up and overcoming the initial stiffness and pain on my runs. I know a lot of it is I'm getting old. Cycling is so much easier on the body than running. Warming up is a lot more forgiving. I have it down to a science though and it seems that right about mile 3 is when the pain goes away and I begin to feel a bit more comfortable and ease into the groove.

A lot of my early part of the run was making adjustments to how I carried my camera and accessing it. without having to stop. 
Shooting was a bit of a trick. I found I actually had to stop completely to keep from getting a blurry picture so, I didn't shoot as much as I wanted and really ended up with a limited amount of photos which is fine. I'll get the hang of shooting on foot after a while.

I'm looking forward to getting to a point when I can really snap up my pace. I feel as slow as a turtle. I'm definately attuned to my heart rate and know where I should be but I still feel soooo slow! I'm jealous of how many runners just breeze right me. I must be patient though. I know if I stick with it it will get better...
One of the many runners out there today giving the "High Five" to old Hopper.
On the way back I was getting that same nice tailwind as this full spinnaker! Mile 6 and 7 were nice and I got a 7+ minute mile in. Can't wait to get my speed up and consistent.

My pups are getting somewhat irritated with my new hobby...They were pretty miffed that I took off without them and they didn't get their run in the park. I couldn't imagine life with out my little black girls.
After my run I phoned ahead to Cathy and had her meet me over at the "Grubsteak" for a late breakfast. After burning up 1500 calories I was getting pretty ravenous! Another benefit of running, I can eat anything.
After that it was home for a power nap with the puppies. At least I got out and got another 10 miles  and a step closer to my goal.

I went a little too long after breakfast before my run so I of course bonked pretty good. I think next run I'll take on some quick energy like GU's or an energy bar and have one every 5 miles or so to see how my energy feels

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