Friday, January 13, 2012

An Enthusiastic Bumble Bee...

Apparently Bumble Bees aren't suppose to be able to fly but, they really don't know any better and just somehow do it anyway. 
I've mentioned to a few runners that I've begun training for a Marathon in August with a few other runs including The S.F. Half Marathon, Bay to Breakers. Within a couple of weeks of training I was doing plus 5 miles and in the last week I've done 2X10 mile runs. I'm a bit sore but I felt like I still had more miles in me but, I made myself stop. Aerobically I feel great which is obviously carry over from the cycling. I also think that the past few years of single speed riding has primed me for running.
Some of the responses are-

"I hope you have good insurance"!
"That's way too much mileage for a beginner".

I guess I have "Bumble Bee Syndrome".

I'm planning on giving myself a couple days off the shoes and planning on going for a weekend of bike riding. I'm toying with the Idea of doing a Half Marathon on Martin Luther's this Monday. That would be interesting after only training for a month. If I don't get injured then I guess I shouldn't worry too much about training hard. I'm planning on getting into speed training in February. I'll then make some time goals for myself regarding the up coming runs.

I really like the idea of going back and forth between the bike and running. I'm thinking about getting a wet suit in the spring and start literally "testing the waters". I think "Escape From Alcatraz" could be a reality...

There's a billion books out there on running and I'm starting to read a lot of them now.
Runners are a strange breed. I get a kick out of the threads concerning-
"How do I carry everything I need with me during a race"?
DUH! It's called a "Cycling Shirt"! I love the fact that aside from shoes I don't have to buy anything!

BTW, I think my favorite part of running is still the fact that I can wear my big honkin Dr. Dre Pro Phones. I love those things. It's like having a "Boom Box" strapped to your head. I also love running at night with the lights over the bay, the moonlight over the water and the Golden Gate beckoning me towards Hoppers hands for the turnaround...and the grandiose chorus's of "Lady Gaga" blasting in my ears...

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Ron Ng said...

Great to see you blogging again. I too am juggling between cycling and running ... although once I'm done with my 10k at the end of the month, it's full steam ahead on my cycling.

I've got one more weekend before the 10k ... can't figure out how much running I should do the week before