Friday, January 20, 2012

The Downside Of Running...

I miss my camera...

Cycling is one of the best activities for producing great photography. It's relatively a perfect vehicle for shooting dynamic photos. Hip shots, action, scenery. It's all there. With running it's very hard to get a steady shot unless stopped and stopping just kills the groove. It's all about consistent pacing when you run.
Tomorrow I'm planning my Saturday run and I'm going to work on techniques for snapping pictures on the fly. There's got to be a way. Maybe using the automatic sports setting with anti-shake. Probably lowering the quality but, there's always Photoshop to beef it up bit.
I love this time of year for taking pictures. Crappy weather and lot's of moisture really are a photographers dream. It's seems like light and shadows are everywhere
Layla running in the rain shortly after adopting her

Lady Gaga sticking her tougue at  me and  irritated that  she has become my main muse!

Sparty...from last winter

A Pit Bull in the park who decided to get in my shot...I wasn't one to argue with him
I still have yet to take my new Canon SX2101S for a serious test drive. I love this camera and what I've shot so far I've been quite happy with.
It has a fantastic easy to use video mode also. I've had some success with my Droid 2 phone but, it's somewhat cumbersome and not very fast for spur of the moment shots. So far I'm still hanging with a dedicated camera. They're really inexpensive these day with plenty of bang for the buck!


I missed my run today due to the inclement weather and opted for the Gym. I did do about a half mile on the treadmill but quit. I hate it now! Treadmills suck! Outside running is so much better. I'll take my chances with the rain tomorrow. I'm going to begin working on getting my speed up. I'm terribly slow right now but, I need to be patient, I'm only into this thing for a month now.


My plans for the bike now are on getting some speed and climbing in sync. I'm just not into the long rides anymore,  mostly due to lack of time in my life.
I love the single speed and have really grown to love it. The feel is so organic, simple, natural and higher intensity than the road bike. It works well with my running and keeps my legs strong.


Work has been a really difficult adjustment and I'm having to endure some serious stress. I'm tired of years of enduring my playing field changing under me and I'm beginning to realize that I've suddenly hit the age ceiling and it doesn't look like I'm ever going to be moving up again. I lost a lot of yardage in this last upheaval. I just want to do my eight hours a day, five days a week and get my life of 15 years ago back to where it was. I really miss my music but, my heart is just not into it and I have way too many distractions to get into a creative swing. I will keep working at it though when I settle into the new job.

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