Sunday, January 8, 2012

Carrot On A Stick-Bay To Breakers/Santa Rosa Marathon/Boston Marathon

{Dad on my Lady Gaga Tattoo}:
 "Your kidding me"! He says in a shocked voice.
After a long, long pause...
"Ya know, I always wanted to get a tattoo. Your Mother wouldn't have been very happy...
I always wanted to get a "frog" tattoo!
Everyone called my "Froggy" when I was a kid cause I could jump like a frog!"

So after my Dad confessed, I got an idea...
I always wanted to run the Boston Marathon and he always wanted a tattoo. The game plan now is to go back to Boston for my 60th Birthday in 2014 and after get a tattoo with my Dad. We're both gonna get tattoo's of Frogs (designed by Cathy).

Everyone needs a Carrot on a stick to see them through this life...

I've been getting my feet pretty wet with this running thing...will it last?

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