Sunday, January 8, 2012

Inspired Running With Surround Sound!

Today's weather was unbelievable and just perfect for my first 7 mile run which turned into a my first ever 10 mile run!

This week I indulged myself. I believe my main fuel for running is not carbs or protein but, high quality ear candy.
I have absolutely the worst luck with headphones. That and cameras. 
I recently lost an expensive camera, probably around my 15th in 4 years while descending Diablo Mountain on my bike a few weeks ago. 
I recently bough a pair of Dr. Dre "Beats" in ear headphones but, somehow ruined those in a very short time. They're still hard to keep in my ears and they just drive me nuts and never quite feel right although they sound great.

Yesterday I went out to Guitar Center and just decided screw it! and laid down some big cash for some Dr. Dre Pro over the ear head phones. They were great for the first mile of my run but, then my Droid 2 music player kept shutting down. After some aggravation I finally figured out that the phone jack on my phone is getting a bit worn and if there's any break in the contact the player will shut down...aarrgggg! Now for plan B...

I bought a seperate mini jack cable and arm carrier for the phone and I'm hoping with less shaking around the  headphones will work.

I have to admit I look pretty funny with these big ass headphones on, running through the crowds of people along the Golden Gate. I rode my bike to my run but, couldn't wear my helmet due to their size of the headphones. In a way they were kind of like wearing a helmet anyway. 
BTW I've gone over to flat pedals and toe straps on one of my bikes so I can wear my running shoes. I look like ... I wouldn't say a "Fred" exactly but, more like a "Flurb" or a "Freak"!

The Run...

I've only been into this running thing for two weeks now. That's not including about 2 months of previous treadmill work but I hear that's not really running. I believe that. I never hurt on the treadmill like I do with real running. Today I just thought I would shoot for a seven mile run.
Mile 1 through 3 I was a bit distracted with my headphone problem. Mile 4 I came upon some really cool off the beaten path trails that I would have never even guessed they existed. I've been on the bike for so long now I think I've missed a few treasures right under my nose.

I feel great on the hills and I seem to pass a lot of runners (and cyclists). Maybe that's my forte? At about mile seven I was close to where my bike was parked but, I felt like I was just warming up and decided to make the spontanious decision to just go for a ten mile run. I still felt great up to mile nine and then I was passed by a pretty young woman so, I decided to just see if I could keep up with her. I ended up doing a close to 8 minute mile! I still felt like I could do more and I was in that really nice aerobic groove but decided not to push it. and stopped at ten miles. I was starting to really feel it in the calves and quads at that point.

I'm quite sore right now but, I'm looking forward to my next run and feeling pretty confident. A month ago I didn't think I had it in me to be a runner.

We'll see how it goes. I plan on doing my first 20 mile run by April 1st. That will give me a gauge on if I can actually pull off a marathon.
As of right now I'm signed up for the "Bay To Breakers" and the "Santa Rosa Marathon". I think I'm going to look around for a 1/2 Marathon to do around March.


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