Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dogs Running Around, Running Like A Dog

Today was way too beautiful to just lay around and waste on a rest day. The hamstrings were feeling better today and I decided to abandon caution and just go out for a run.
A week of intense doggie day care, dealing with confrontational people was getting to me a little and I just needed to get out for awhile and clear my head.

 After thinking about the injury I figured I may have just hyper extended the muscle when I stopped to stretch yesterday. I felt a bit tight and got a little pain starting up again before I finished my run for the day. It was another 5 mile run but, with a little climbing through the Presidio. I'm looking forward to six months down the road when I'm finally over the beginners hump with this Marathon flight of fancy. I'm as slow as shit and my bicycle legs are a bit pissy about it all but, I'm gonna try and hang in for awhile.


Thank the Universe for my dogs...I'm seriously stressed out with dealing with humans lately. I feel like I've lost the ability and patience to put up with the day to day confrontations and sparring. I just want to do my job and not talk to anyone at all. Maybe I just need a long vacation. I fantasize about spending a few days in the woods, out in the mountains somewhere with just the dogs and a tent. I just don't want to talk with anyone anymore...Pretty sad...

Well back to work tomorrow and the stress. At least I have a goal for the new year to lean on.

Here's a couple of pictures of my best part of the weekend...

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