Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Anniversary My Beautiful Girl...Night Run and Reflections

Lovely Layla, my sweet little Angel...

Tomorrow will be the first Anniversary to the day when I was mysteriously directed to a miraculous convergence and ran head on into experiencing one of the happiest moments in  my life. On January 23rd 2011 I took a ride on my bike with my good friend Ron across bridge to Tiburon and back to San Francisco. I had a great day and as we rolled back into Sports Basement we just happened upon a mobile rescue dog event.
"Puppies"! I exclaimed to Ron.
I felt his eyes roll without even looking his way. I rolled my wheel right up to the first little pen which contained 3 little dogs.

As soon as I saw that little black angel I knew there was no turning back...
My first picture of "Lila" now called Layla within 20 seconds of seeing her.
She looked so much like my "Lady Gaga" but, a smaller version. I asked Ron to take a picture of me and Layla as I swooped her from the pen without even acknowledging the attendants watching over the dogs! Again I could read Ron's mind and knew all to well what he was thinking...
"Dude! Don't do it"!
Alas, but it was too late...
I emailed the shelter that night and inquired about possibly fostering the puppy.

This is how the correspondence followed-
On Sunday January 23 at 6:14 pm (after whining to Cathy about the event over dinner).

> >Hi,
> >
> >I met Lila at Sports Basement today (attached pictures). She resembles one of my
> >dogs "Lady Ga Ga". I was wondering if She would need fostering or, possibly any
> >of your dogs. I live and manage a large 117 unit apartment building (Dog
> >Friendly) We have two shelter dogs "Ga Ga" and "Beyonce" a wire haired dachshund
> >who get along beautifully. We also run a small day care for dogs and babysit
> >building dogs. Fostering would provide access to dogs so, to benefit adoption
> >opportunities We're thinking of getting into fostering...could you let me know
> >if you'd be interested and what it would entail?
> >
> >BTW the picture of Lila wasn't very well defined on your Facebook site so, I'll
> >send you the picts I took today that you can have for your site. I'm also a
> >photographer and would consider doing some part time photography for your dogs.
From NorCal Family Rescue
> Hi there!
> Great photos! We'd love for you to foster Lila. She is already spayed and vaccinated and ready to go.
> My colleague Reed will send you our application - just take a quick moment to complete it - you are already approved to foster or adopt, we just need the paperwork for our files.
> You can pick Lila up tomorrow at our shelter space at 16th Street and Alabama. Dawn is your contact for tomorrow - pls text or phone her at 415-335-2245.
> Thank you! Great meeting you today.
> Best, Angela for Family Dog Rescue

Long story short, fostering never worked out and within 2 weeks I had added a 3rd dog to my Black Pack!
Happy Anniversary my little Sweetie...I love you! It's very odd but, I feel a connection with my dogs and animals in general of absolute trust and understanding that I rarely feel from my relationships with humans. Maybe humans just have too much freewill and are more apt to misuse it. In most cases I've just learned not to trust...sad for me.


I had tentatively planned on a rest day today but, after yesterdays run I was actually a lot less stiff then I thought I would be so I just got out for a run. Maybe the training is starting to kick in. I'm shooting for some consecutive sub 8 minute miles maybe by the beginning of next month. Tonight was beautiful and not a soul was out there to get in my way. Most everyone was home watching the 49ers getting their ass kicked by the Giants...How embarrassing, arrrggghh!
I had an odd experience while I was just finishing my fastest mile for the evening. A car stopped in the middle of the road and the guy signaled to me. It was kind of weird that he didn't roll down the passenger window? (maybe it was broken). I had to go out around to the drivers side and at first kind of had a queasy feeling about it but, he basically was just looking for directions to St. Francis Yacht Club. He was definitely an Aussie. He then thanked me and mentioned something about help, life and something else then, handed my a card...
This is what the card said-

THANK YOU! (with some kind of B&W picture which I couldn't tell what it was).
Then- Help! along lifes journey
K.R.M Ministries inc.
Keith R. Moodie - Pastor Western Australia

Very weird...

Layla and Lady Gaga lounging in the sun.

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