Saturday, February 11, 2012

Whitney's Dead! - The "Diva"

diva (English pronunciation: /ˈdiːvə/Italian: [ˈdiːva]) is a celebrated female singer. The term is used to describe a woman of outstanding talent in the world of opera, and, by extension, in theatrecinema and popular music. The meaning of "diva" is closely related to that of "prima donna".

Rest In Peace Angel...

"Whitney link"    I'm saddened but not surprised with this news. Life is complicated and can just be downright tragic in the end. Humans are fragile and who really knows what people are going through or have gone through in their lives, especially when someone is highly successful, talented and has gained so much notoriety at a young age. It's a boatload of pressure!
Whitney was a truly an amazing singer. I'm listening and watching her right now on "Vevo", and the tributes have begun. I'm sure everyone at the Grammy's tomorrow will have her in their hearts.

I love the Diva's. Not sure what that's about exactly but, I just roll with it. I must have some childhood issues. Growing up with a lot of bullying and, unsure of myself and lacking any self confidence I all-way's just felt better and protected around women. My Aunts were very comforting to be around and seemed to understand the glitches in my personality and so much more sympathetic to my pathetic state of being so hence the seeds of my attraction to the Diva's. 
Shit! I've named all my dogs after Diva's!

I hear a woman singing and there is no other instrument more beautiful sounding, well a violin is close. The timbre, the flexibility and range are pretty astounding really. When I started playing guitar I aspired to get a sound as beautiful out of my guitar. It was an uphill battle.
I love Joni Mitchell. Add that beautiful voice with her poetry and deep thoughtful expressions and that was all I needed. (I was actually listening to her tonight on"Pandora" before I change over to Whitney). I feel like I grew up with her. Every album, every song reminds me of a moment in my life. Some happiness, a vision of beauty mixed at times with a sad bitterness hmm...that's my life in a nutshell.

There are so many singers that I've enjoyed and been inspired by but, most of them are female. Still that soft voice of my Aunts, teachers, soothing, encouraging, moving me forward and healing the wounds. Of course I've expressed my thoughts with regard to a one "Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta ". 

Gaga is an amazing artist. She's probably one of the most level headed Diva's and a lot of people just don't understand "yet"! the depth and potential of her artistry along with being a beautiful sweet human being who really cares for everyone. She's the consummate entertainer. The comparisons to Madonna tend to make me want to vomit. Madonna is NOT! talented and if you've seen her behind the scenes,  she's a very shallow, abusive person with an arrogant and selfish point of view. I never got her...and I can't fathom the lame comparisons of Lady Gaga to Madonna. Sorry to go off on a tangent but, I'm very protective with my Diva's...
Me with my Lady Gaga tattoo and the artist who tattoo'd me.

Gaga will be around for a long, long time and she's an inspiration. Well I'm going to go back to listening to Whitney tonight and just thinking about her reign as on of the greatest all time Diva's...

Whitney we'll never forget you and thank you for giving us so much in your short life.

I hope you are at peace and with the ones who love you...

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