Saturday, February 25, 2012

When Creativity Flat-lines, It's Time To Just Breath In

I remember the first time I listened to Sara Bareilles. That was surely an awakening for me. I think it was about the time in my shitty musical career, I began to realize that my boat had left the dock and it was time to step aside and let the kids move through. I could hear all the elements of the musical things that had inspired me through my life. Here was someone who was multi-talented, original and was able to bring everything into a coherent and unique artist burst.
In 2007 "Between The Lines" just blew me out of my socks! It was just about the time I was going through something really heavy in my life. All of a sudden here is this very young person turning the tables and comforting me and inspiring me. It surprised me and like I say it was an awakening.

She's the real deal. If I had a kid like that I would be so proud and happy.
Since that day I've really opened myself to a fair un-embittered acceptance of this younger talent and even if at first it doesn't grab me, I'll go for the second listen.
There's a video that I've watched a bunch of times that  no matter what mood I'm in or how bad my day has been, I always end up with a smile on my face.

I'm watching a lot of videos now. I've tried and tried to  work at creating some new music but, it's just dead. I'm not feeling it and I'm a bit sick of my style. I'm old, tired and I just don't have the necessary time needed in my life to fully submerge into my creative potential so, I just keep moving - I run, bike and listen.

Sarah is just an example. There are so many good young artists now.
Anyway, I'm just about to watch a documentary on the Foo Fighters...enough hot air. Time to watch and listen...
BTW, one of the best live performances in history...

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