Monday, June 25, 2012

Embracing The Suffering

I'm obsessing on this book. I actually was dreaming about it last night and got up in the wee hours to cruise through a couple more chapters. I'm really lucky I read so slow. My whole family was gifted with the ability to read incredibly fast but, I unfortunately or fortunately however you look at it didn't receive that gene. At least for me I could say I'm lucky and the books last a long time. 

I'm into an interesting process now that is adding a new dimension to my reading enjoyment. It also is making my reading speed even slower but much more entertaining. Since I seem to only be reading sports related books these days, I got the idea to start pausing my reading and going over to Youtube, or Netflix (which is easy with the Galaxy Tab) and watching the videos of what I'm currently reading. It's truly amazing! 
I had heard of Chrissie Wellington but never really new much about her except for the fact she's a legendary triathlete. As the story progress's I find my self inspired, awed and learning so much about the sport of swim, bike, run and how one person has been so world wide and diverse in their life achievements! I feel very inspired to step it up even in my old age.
check this out:

In all these books about the adventures, techniques and philosophies of what it has taken for these athletes to attain their levels of athleticsim; one common theme runs throughout and that's that they all have learned to embrace the suffering along with keeping a positive attitude with every struggle. One foot in front of the other. It's a technique that can be utilized in everyday life. I'm trying really hard to embrace this attitude and it's extremely difficult and is something that has to be learned over time and reprogrammed in to the psyche on a daily basis.

Sunday was one of the hardest runs to date. I'm over trained, overworked and running on too little sleep and rest. Saturday I had planned on going for a ride but dumb me, I forgot and packed my cleats (we're moving again) so, I just ran anyway. I then got up Sunday and a long slow run planned turned into a fastest half marathon time! Let's just say I was completely trashed when I got home but, I embraced the suffering...
I'm inspired. 
Today I got a confirmation that I've been upgraded to a full marathon next month at the WiPro San Francisco Marathon. I had originally planned on the half but, after 4 months of training decided I was ready for the full. I had requested the upgrade in March and I was starting to get worried I wouldn't get the upgrade...

I am so ready to run!

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