Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dreaming The Big Dreams, I Like That, I Like This...

I feel like my running is improving and as time goes by I become more and more inspired to do something really stupid!
As I become more adept at pushing through the pain and dark episodes and as the miles become more intense. This whole adventure in running is helping me in other areas in my life. It's soothing my bitterness I still have for my loss of interest in music which to me feels like it all was a huge waste of my life. It gives me something to focus on through the day of mind numbing work. It's become an interesting if not obsessive hobby that I've joyfully become hopelessly immersed in!
I'm starting to aspire to flights of fancy that I would have never been able to comprehend a short few months ago.
Ultra-Endurance running is calling me into it's evil embrace. I've now decided that I would like to as soon as next year become a pacer for some of the Ultra distance events in Northern California, especially the "Western States 100".

This I'm sure will lead me to actually making a lunatics attempt by competing in one!

This is one Hell of a midlife crisis I've stumbled into. Lot's of guys my age will go for the hot sports car and start chasing around hot ladies less than half their age. I have no money and I'm not what you would call a real hunk...so I run...

I'm really enjoying being in good health. I rarely touch the junk food anymore and the hardcore health food tastes great to me now. I just had some pure Greek yogurt, berries and honey and it was better than any ice cream that's out there.

The only downside is the aches and pains, which are mainly due to old age. At this point I'm not disabled so I'm good. Ice on the back and hamstrings and some rolling out and in a couple of days I'm good to go.

I like this...

As of the first of the month I start a new job, and a new apartment which makes three moves since 2009. It's not the best paying job and it's probably not a good area of town, yet it's a job and I'm fortunate enough to have a roof over my head.

I like that...

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