Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Running, Dancing-Just Move!

Today is "National Running Day"

From the National Running Day Site

I Run to
Get away from the person I would rather not be.
    To experience pure natural freedom
        To feel who I really am.
           To live, feel and learn to embrace suffering
               For the High!

I spent the day working my drudge job and listening to my new found pastime-Podcasts
I know they've been around for awhile and I've listened to them before in the past but, now I live for them. I was so happy to find out there were Podcasts of the Jillian Michael's show! I consider her my Inspirational Guru. I follow her techniques and read all her books and she's made a huge change in my life. The show is actually a lot of fun to listen to, entertaining and informative. She's really quick humored, well thought out and answered all the questions I have about my health and my second  stab at exploring my own athleticism.
This book has made a huge difference in my life and many others.

It was apropos that I would be listening today on this National Running Day. The only sad part was when I finally ended my tiring day I set off for a good run and within 2 blocks my back went out again and it was the old slow limp home. I'm pretty sure work is just killing me mentally, physically and holding me back from keeping on track with my Marathon training. I don't have many options available to me at this point in time so I just take the shit and embrace that suffering.

The other thing real quick...
I'm deeply absorbed in this years series
"So You Think You Can Dance".
The talent is so amazing and they've really raised the bar.
I'm really inspired by some of the younger artists coming up through the ranks. It really makes me hopeful for the future of art in this world.
Here's a performance that just took it to another level...

Short blog tonight...I'm getting less and less time to do the things I want to do these days.

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