Wednesday, July 4, 2012

When Everything Goes Wrong but Ends Up Right

Caught "Red handed"!

I've had zero time to spew on my blog. I've quit my job, got another one, left a beautiful apartment to move into another somewhat nice classic old apartment but, in a building that's in the heart of what I like to call "Crack Central"!
 I've jumped from the frying pan into a really deep fryer. 
 During our move I was ripped off by workers in the new building. I had left some personal property in the new apartment and reminded the workers there to NOT! remove my stuff with their stuff. I got the yeah, yeah Senor which didn't give me any secure feelings about it all. I just didn't want to haul the stuff back again to the old apartment. (workers were supposed to be done the previous day)!
I ended up losing a all out jackets and all my running shoes, probably around $400 dollars worth of footwear.
After a 4 day runaround I finally reviewed the video and actually have the guy on tape carrying my stuff away! After confronting his Boss who got a bit snarky at me for being upset at "losing a couple of pairs of sneakers". (He doesn't realize that I'm in between him and thousands of dollars worth of contracts and work work with the new company).
I ended up losing a few day's of training for my Marathon at the end of this month but, finally got my paycheck and went out yet again to get another pair of running shoes.

I bought the shoes yesterday and without breaking them in just ran 22 miles with great success. No blisters or sore feet so, I guess aside from my nagging back issue, all is well and I got my last good long run before my taper period leading up to the Marathon on the 29th.
I focused today on learning to run through pain and to just make it go out my ears (as Scott Jurek would say). I was trying for a personal record to break my 2 hour mark for a half Marathon distance but just couldn't push it any harder without my back spazzing out on me. Also the beachfront roads and sidewalks were mobbed and caused me quite a bit of slowdown.

I'm very tired and sleep has been elusive in the last week. My eyes are beginning to cross right now so, I'll  catch up later.

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