Thursday, June 14, 2012


I feel like I've just tumbled through a wormhole and the Universe has turned me inside out, shaken me up and tossed me into a new  reality of which I was pretty much unaware existed. That Universe is called                            ,,,,,,,,,,,"Ultra-Marathon"!,,,,,,,,,,,,

Little did I realize that back when I was 12 years old I was headed in this direction but, unfortunately my trajectory was rudely interrupted and it's taken me almost 50 years to get back on course. When I was a kid, I would run everywhere. I could go on forever. Along with skating, biking and swimming, I think I had the calling to be involved in sports which unfortunately I didn't heed.
In the past week I've been drowning myself in endless round table running pod-casts! It's a whole new world!

Last night was a profound experience when I took the opportunity to partake in a book signing and fun run sponsored by Fleet Feet Of San Francisco, featuring renowned Ultra Runner Scott Jurek, whose book along with books from other great runners I've had my nose buried in and haven't come up to take a breath. 
Myself with Scott Jurek

So many people, many of who were budding Ultra-Runners were there. Spirits and camaraderie were running high. Scott's a great character and really makes everyone feel comfortable. He talked for awhile and planned to take us all for a run to the bridge and sign books after a short question and answer.
Fleet Feet
The Fleet Feet gang had arranged this event and the icing on the cake was when they arrived with boxes of running shoes for everyone to try out.
I finally got a chance to run in the Brooks Pure Connects! What a great shoe. A bit more minimal than my Pure Flows. Super light and comfortable. I definitely will have to purchase a pair shortly.
Brooks Pure Flow Connect

The run was a total blast and I got time to talk and ask questions. Scott was just amazing and really tuned in to everyone and absolutely enjoying the whole event.

We ran down along the ocean to the Golden Gate Bridge stopping for group photo ops.

When we returned to the start, we all sat and listened to Scott, asked questions and then got in line to get books signed. I'm already bought the kindle version of his book but, bought a hard copy to have signed anyway.
I had Scott sign my arm right under my Lady Gaga Tattoo and my Dean Karnazes tattoo. He got a hoot out of it.
I haven't decided if I'm going to get that tattoo'd yet. It's kind of getting expensive...
So now I'm feeling really caught up in this wave. Not sure what to make of it all but, I'm just gonna like my shoes...flow with it and see where it takes me.

I did get the go ahead from my Doc today for the SF Marathon next month. He told me I'm healthier than any of his patience! Good deal...liking this new Universe.

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