Sunday, April 29, 2012

Run, Walk and Bike Sunday

When I awoke Saturday morning, I knew with the way my body was feeling I would have to dedicate the day as a rest day. Obsession is a two edged sword and I have to deal intelligently with it.

With all the running, biking books I've read there is one phrase that continually pops up-
"Listen to your body"!
In my haste to force myself to become a hardcore runner, I'm trying carefully not push too far beyond my capabilities and injure myself. It's easy to do especially the older you get.
If I wake up sore and a bad state of mind it's usually a sign that I'm over training. As it was so on this morning. I spent the day resting reading and hanging with my dogs.

Today as penance I decided I had to do something challenging. I wanted to ride but, wanted to run so I compromised and decided on both and added a play session in the Dog Park with my pups.

I had a bit of a problem getting out the door. Yet another weekend day of working around the building. This job is 24/7! and I'm getting pretty sick of it.

I started with the bike and set my mind to try and bust some personal records. Punishing myself for Saturday's laziness...

I was successful on recording some new "PR's" and towards the end of the ride I was challenged by a younger guy on a fix gear who had it in his head to try and toast me on a climb through Japan town. I spanked him and left him in the dust and so I was satisfied with my ride and the amount of workout I received.
When I got home I grabbed the dogs and headed for the park. I don't think my girls had my energy and it was a bit hot for them. Being black dogs is a bit of a disadvantage for running around in high temps. I walked home and dropped into the local body shop up the street where two of their friends (both chihuahuas) had a bit of an impromptu play party in their cool garage.

As soon as I got them back, it was time to head out for a run. I was a bit stiff still but warmed up after a time and warmed up thoroughly by the time I reached the Marina Green.
Running Dork bike helmet!

Unfortunately I happened to run into a crazy convergence along the waterfront. There was an organized run-walk along with opening day for sailing on the bay and construction on Doyle Drive.
Construction Doyle Drive

Charity walk

Top of Larkin Street
 I ended up stopping at Sports Basement getting a hat for sun protection and hanging out with some nutty dog tied up at the front of the store while a downed a Vitamin drink. The view was tremendous looking across the bridge...
All in all it was a great day to get out and I think the amount of training I'm putting in with the running is beginning to pay off. I'm enjoying it so much. More and more I'm looking forward to my first Marathon in July.

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