Thursday, April 26, 2012

Born To Move: I Was Born This Way

We were born to run
              We were born to ride
                            We were born to move...

We were born this way and it took me 58 years to finally get it...again!

When I was very young I can remember the exhilarating feelings and my spirit soaring as I sprinted along the beach, through the snow and between the trees in the woods behind my homes. Growing up back in the olden days we always seemed to have a forest on the border of our back yard.

As youngsters, we were forever in motion. Being skinny as a rail, it was no trouble for me to move at light speed either on my feet, biking, skating or swimming. It was only when I was not in motion I would get myself into trouble. When I look back on the troubled periods of my life there's always been one element missing...movement.

As soon as I would get into a mindset to start doing something physical and especially when it became an obsession, things would tend to get much better in my life. My outlook, my socializing and my energy would just skyrocket me into a manic phase. Now I'm trying to figure out what were the things that bogged me down to stop this natural urge for motion. Now as I enter "Older age", I feel myself entering yet a new phase in my life but, really it's the first time I've taken the time to analyze and understand what it's all about.

As I've mentioned before in some of my earlier blogs, I've been simplifying my life as I get older and heading in a minimalist direction. I hate lots of shit around me now, be it people bullshit, material crap or just plain intellectual diarrhea like politics, religion and so on. I HATE SHIT! I cant think with it all around me...I can't move and I just want to run...

...and so I run, and I ride, then hopefully soon I will begin to swim.

We are all evolving mammals and it hasn't been but a burp in time from when our first bipedal ancestors exited the forests, and jungles. Unfortunately unlike  the early humans, we are just not doing what we were born to do and so we struggle with the rapidity of the exponentially expanding digital age where we have no time to contemplate the major changes in our natural flow through life. No time to adapt our primitive selves. Fight or flight without any escape, the killer of us all. It's the reason we're fat, addicted, unbalanced and dying.

I've recently had my head buried in a lot of books about running so, I'm kind of in that annoying evangelistic state of mind over my new found love so please forgive me. It's a whole new world to me and I'm so glad I finally get it!

I've just finished the book "Born To Run". It was an epiphany for me. I really enjoyed it and my eyes were opened to the wonderful history and origins of mans nature to run, to move. Tracking animals and intuitive hunting combined with running are claimed to be the origin of complex intelligence in humans, at least that's what the book claims and it makes for a convincing argument.

Running changes people. It's changing my life, I can feel it. It along with cycling has added a sparkle to my life.
Just wanted to expound a bit here about my new hobby, and now I gotta go run...
My running buddy has started with out me...

A really beautiful video I recently came across...Running changes you.

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