Thursday, April 12, 2012

Put On Your Sailin Shoes...Running, Biking Oh My

Well the blue does remind me of the ocean...

          After fighting some pretty severe knee pain over the last two weeks I was beginning to get a bit depressed with my running performance. I kind of felt like I was just starting to slip backwards in my training. What's really strange is that the pain is absent when riding my bike but, just like clockwork at around mile 2.5 during my running I start getting a considerable amount of pain in my 
Iliotibial bandNow from what I've been reading about this, is that it's a common syndrome that so many runners suffer from that there are actual support groups dedicated to this problem.

Today I decided I had to take some drastic measures and jogged down to the Marina "Fleet Feet" store to  talk to the experts and get some opinions on what I should do.
Jason an employee at the store greeted me. As soon as you walk in the door at Fleet Feet you get the vibe that your feet are in good hands! After some talk about my experience level and some of the problems I've been dealing he began to make observations of my running style by having me run back in forth through the store, followed by examining the wear patterns on my soles. After some more questions he disappeared and returned with a battery of different running shoes for me to try. It's quite amazing the differences between brands and the degree of specialization in running shoes today. They all looked great too and I finally settled on a pair of Brooks - Raveena 3 shoes. After deciding on the shoes and some more technical talk I cashed out and surprisingly found out that I was due for a loyal customer discount! Shoe total was $83.00 out the door and a free consultation that would have cost me probably a hundred bucks If I gone to a Sports therapist.

I decided to give the shoes a whirl and remembered I needed some GU gels for some future runs and rides. I trotted off to Sports Basement and as I ran the shoes were feeling comfy although a little firmer but somewhat more energetic. I arrived at the Sports Basement and just for the heck of it browsed the running shoe department. They had these on sale...

A bit on the wild side but, kind of cool in a way...

I got my supplies and headed back out for a run...first I took a look at the shoes again and thought...Yeah these look better.

On the way home I worked out at my new favorite Gym. The week I finally cancelled my membership at 24HR Fitness (they suck)! This thing popped up in the middle of the Marina Green...

National Fitness Workout area
I've been here a couple of times this week and really like it. They have Bootcamps on the weekend that you can sign up for. I think I'll be spending a lot of my time here and it's mid-way into most of my runs and bike rides.

Speaking of bike rides. I haven't been staying on top of my blogs and have had a few exciting and tough rides on the weekends with some new "PR's", probably due to the amount of running I'm doing lately.
Recent Ride:

Recent Run:

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