Thursday, April 19, 2012

Who Would Of Thought?...

April 20th is my birthday. Today was an amazing day of firsts for me. On the day before I turn 58 I can now say I've attained my goal of running a sub seven minute mile, signed up for a full marathon and hit my weight of below 160 which I haven't seen since the early 80's!
Who would of thought that at this stage of my life that I would be drawing most of my inspiration in life from these simple little creatures...
I think in a way I'm probably reading a lot more into these observations but, I think at a time where I'm trying so hard to find answers in my life, I'm using aspects and nuances of their personalities as a catalyst to reason and understand where my thoughts are originating from and how to free think and come up with resolutions to work my way through difficulties that hold me back from moving forward.
Somewhat like a Rorschach test but with Dogs.

Beyonce, who as I carefully observe, seems to analyze and contemplate everything and everyone. All her actions seem to be well thought out and somewhere in that little brain there is an artisan who conspires to get what she wants through creative acting and manipulation. She's a very confident sort minus the physical and athletic attributes of her other sisters but with a cunning wiliness that the others cannot dream of coming close to. She always gets what she wants.

She teaches me to be still and observe. To stop and think then try to carefully edit and choose the words to guide the thoughts of those I am trying to convince to see the direction in which I feel we should go.

        The most athletic. So sleek, agile, competitive in a very dangerous predatory way. She stalks her competition and studies them over long periods of time and when the big move comes it will be executed flawlessly and the prize will be hers.

No matter the size or temperament of the other animal, she has no fear and once committed there's no turning back.

She gives me courage and fortitude. I need to focus on my goals, lose the fear, set my sights and take a leap. If I'm well practiced and fearless I'll will win the prize.

Gaga, my savior. So much courage. She is scarred and mistreated in her previous life but has found love in her true home which she will protect at all costs. Resilient leader and controller of her sphere. She exudes a fearsome aura that all others are afraid to challenge. Those who do suffer the consequences of their actions.
She takes responsibility and protects the ones she loves.

She is what I aspire to be. The protector. Although wounded and scarred can move on and become the strong one and a leader.

Yeah I know it's crazy but, very therapeutic.
I'm even starting to look like them!

Run for the day:

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