Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wind, Dogs, Bikes and Remembering My Scotch-Irish Heritage

Here I am with my little doggie day care nephew "Walter". I tell him he's a miniature Irish Wolfhound!

I was able to get in a 15 mile run today!. My first ever and very grueling with amount of headwind I had to deal with. No matter what direction it seemed like there was a blustery and cold headwind. 

I started the run later than I wanted and besides feeling quite grumpy and a bit tired I just made myself go ahead and do it. I usually map my runs out on ""
It gives me a good estimate and elevation profiles. 

So, three months into this and I feel a bit ahead of schedule. Today's run was only two weeks since my back finally stopped hurting from my previous injury that took me out of training for close to a month. I have almost three months left till the San Francisco Marathon. I feel at this point the most difficult part of the marathon won't be the running but (and I know this is really stupid), having to run over the Golden Gate Bridge really freaks me out. I'm terrified of heights and especially bridges and tall buildings. I've never been able to deal with it very well. I seems stupid but, it is my "Achilles heel".

With the rain and marathon training the bike hasn't seen much action. It's OK though, when I do get to ride I feel great.

Doggie Day care has been pretty steady but, not too overwhelming. Between work, dogs and training I have zero extra time. I'm feeling a bit better and the depression I've been dealing with has seemed to subside a bit. My work situation seems somewhat stable although difficult and sometimes pretty stressful.
I think having all the dogs around, excercizing regular and eating right are increasing my "Oxytocin" levels and making me feel a lot better about things and the direction my life is taking.

My Beyonce-

I went for a ride yesterday and decked myself out in my cool Irish racing Kit, hopped on my SE premium brew single speed (green and kelly gold), then headed out through the city checking out some of the Irish taverns. I just missed the rain and got back in time for a nice well deserved afternoon nap.
The Irish dream. By the way I didn't stop for a drink. That's the Irish part of me I've left behind...

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