Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weird, Odd, Cool, Nice Weekend

Woke up today only to be greeted with that lost hour in my life. I HATE! time changes! I'm very sensitive to my time rhythm's. 

I can say I had a great full relaxing weekend. Some work issues finally smoldered out Friday. Personalty conflicts are very hard for me to deal with. I really dislike personal confrontations with co-workers, friends or people in general. Hopefully all this stress will subside now.

 I had somewhat of a clear head and many options for rest and relaxation. With a little rest and lots of excercise I'm now feeling somewhat relaxed. Yesterday's mega ride did wonders for my confidence on the bike. I feel like the love is still there and just needed the pilot light stoked.

Today I planned on an easy run but, it turned into a 9.0 mile adventure and something new and different that I'll always remember. I decided just for something different I'd take a direct line to the Golden Gate Bridge from my apartment which would take me through two small parks, all of Pacific Heights and end with a cross country run through the Presidio.

I ran through woods, trails that ended abruptly, fences that I had to climb, walls to scale, cemeteries, and all kinds of characters would pop up in my path initiating interesting conversation. Five miles into the ride I was pretty exhausted and did have to stop at Sports Basement for some GU and electrolyte.
I was truly amazed at the amount of construction and landscaping going on through the Presidio and the Golden Gate Bridge area.
I couple of times I actually momentarily lost my bearings and had to just wing it to find my way.

I'm hoping the work will be done sometime soon. It is kind of a mess right now.
I'm really enjoying the running thing. Listening to music, healthy exercising through beautiful areas in the city really do a lot for the soul.
Today was a great day. I even gave all three of my dogs baths when I got home. It sure smells better around here!

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