Sunday, July 22, 2012

Open Road, Just Me and My Bike...

Sometimes in life, you look back and realize you've just gone down a path that you could never have fathomed. Life is full of surprises and the trick is don't hit the brakes, just let it happen and you may be happy with the path you've taken.

I had a chance Saturday to step back and take a breather and to just digest all that has happened in the last few months. I haven't had anytime alone aside  from running in where most my thoughts have been about training, goals and short term life logistics. I had planned on taking a bike ride to Mt. Tamalpais and put out a somewhat weak invitation for others to join. It seemed everyone had plans and couldn't make the ride, which was actually fine cause I really needed some alone time.
With a week to the Marathon, I needed some cross training and to give my feet a break from slamming the ground.

I dusted off Klein road bike and got up early and headed out for the bridge. I just focused on quieting my mind and just threw away the thoughts that would start worrying me. By the time I got to Fairfax I finally got into that Zen mode and it just became me and my bike.

I think I've lost a bit of power/wattage in my legs but at the same time I've gained endurance. Usually I'm pretty trashed after a Tam ride but, I actually ended up feeling excellent, like I could have gone much more. 

The whole ride was very positive aside from the bike crash I came up on as I approached Alpine Dam. A woman at lost it on a curve and went down pretty hard causing a serious head injury. I stopped at the Dam and watch them proceed to airlift her out by helicopter. 

It made me think of how I'm lucky I just seemed to lose the thrill of blasting downhill at high speed. One of those qualities that comes with's called common sense. I've had too many close calls and I feel in the past few years my timing, balance and  bravado have lost a bit of polish.
The Seven Sisters

I'm beginning to get a handle on how to eat and the amount of energy I burn with riding and running. Where I'm losing certain advantages, I'm gaining in a other avenues.
I rolled along the "Seven Sisters" and felt so lucky for just being and thankful for being able to witness the beauty on such a fine Summer day. I cruised down the front of Tam and happened into a few riders and a bit of chat. It was a breeze going through Sausalito and up the corkscrew to the bridge. 
I was absolutely crazy heading back across the bridge with all the bike tourist traffic coming at me. I felt like a Salmon on a bad acid trip.
Finally I made it home safely and called ahead to meet Cathy at our favorite restaurant, "The Grubsteak". 

After a great meal, we headed home for a power nap and some doggy time!
Solace of the open road...loving life.

I feel so lucky...
I hope this feeling stays for awhile.
This week I'll do some light running, focus on work and next Sunday "The Marathon"!
Can't wait!

Saturday ride was 57 miles but, my GPS didn't boot up until 17 miles into the ride...

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