Friday, July 27, 2012

Reality Sinks In...

I took a trip down to The SF Wipro Marathon Expo to pick up my race bib, timing chip and take a look around. My looking around ended up costing me a bit of change.

I felt like a gambling addict on a losing streak in Vegas. I just couldn't stop. The further I got into the Exhibit hall the more out of control I became. The final straw after all the GU's, Shirts, blinking running gear was when I came across the "Newton" booth. All those crazy neon colored high tech design shoes and a big sign saying 20% off!

Of course there were a pair of the top of the line shoes in just my size! 
Hey they threw in a free pair of socks! That's a deal! I enjoyed hanging out talking to a bunch of old geezers sharing ideas and their 2 cents worth of advice and opinions on everything.
I love the "Newtons" They feel comfy but, need to tie them a bit loose, they seem to have a naturally glove like fit. I'll still run Sunday with my Brooks "Pure Flows". They're still my favorite shoe at this point and I've been running in them exclusively for the past three months.
After the giving away most of my money I forced myself to high tail it out of there and get home to safety.

I'm feeling a little more rested today and have been eating as much food as possible to hopefully pack in enough glycogen into my muscles to see me though  the 26.2 miles. I had lost maybe a little too much weight within the last couple of weeks and I've been tired and just dragging my ass. Probably a bit over trained I think.
I stop to think that only a few short months ago this was all a goofy afternoon pipe dream. Somehow I've pulled it together and made it happen. I'm quite sure I'll do the distance and my only concern is getting close to the time goal I've set for myself. 4:15. It would be nice to break 4 hours but, I'm not sure I can really do it but, I'll sure try.

In the meantime the new apartment and job are working out pretty well. I'm hoping to be able to stay here for awhile. There's a great vibe about the place. Our friend who's into the whole "Feng shui" concept thought everything seems just right.
The dogs love it and it seems our Doggie Day Care is actually getting busier now.

Just a little over 24 hrs to the big run and I'm getting a bit of performance anxiety, but I think it will all be good. I can't believe my goal is this close to me already. Reality sinks in...

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