Sunday, July 15, 2012

So I've been trying to snag an under 2 hour Half-Marathon time, more for my self confidence than anything. I have to set little goals on the way to the big one to keep me fired up. Today I finally felt like the rhythm, is coming together. I kept a pretty even pace and most of the miles were under 9 minute miles. Now to double this and keep up that pace for another 13 plus miles is a long shot, especially on a route with so many hills and people to get by.

Along with that, I'm beginning to dial in the diet which is making a difference. 
One of the products I'm experimenting with is something called "Chia Seeds". Supposedly a protein supplement, high on omega 3 etc. Also I'm using "ZMA with Theanine " which is helping with recovery and sleep. Now the magic bullet in all this is a recent discovery. "Power bar gels"! Especially the "double latte". I could feel a nice kick after doing one of these around mile 7. I was able to really keep my energy level up considerably. Finally for a great tasting snack food are the Artisana line of natural butters. Peanut, Cashew and Coconut are my favorite. A spoonful of one of these in the evening are a great nutritious replacement for sweet processed treats.
Today was a beautiful day for a run and I was feeling pretty good. Not completely recovered physically from our recent move and all the training, lifting and abuse to my body in the last month. I had to take liberty to include a "Dork Shot".
I'm also sticking with my "Brooks Pure Flows" for my Marathon this month. They feel perfect. I think the "Connects" I'll save for the shorter runs.

Being in a better state of mind and happy with the move and the new job (so far), has done wonders for my overall feel, mood and general well being.
My Layla lou

I had a good weekend and had some very happy peaceful moments. I'm still having moments where I miss my younger brother so much. It's times like these that I wish I could share with him...He would be happy for me.
I miss you Hugh...

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Anwei said...

Hey Peter,

Joan said that he saw you today.
Here are the links!
Hope you and your wife enjoy it! I think they also opened up in 4 other SF theaters last week...but here's the one to the Embarcadero Theater. Enjoy!