Monday, May 28, 2012

A Weekend Bursting With Adventure and Rememberance

My body is trashed! I bit off way more than I can possibly chew and loved it. Life can be so full and rewarding, and I feel lucky to be alive.

Not having had time to recover from the past week athletic debauchery, the old body was still twitching and it was time to go for seconds. Saturday I had planned on giving the running a break and do a nice bike jaunt to the beach to re-accommodate my legs to the pedals. After spending some time in the park chasing the dogs and thinking I might not get down to the Bridge anniversary activities in the evening I figured I would be kicking myself if I didn't do something to remember the occasion. It was probably a real mess with the celebrations going on all day so, I just decided to go it on foot and run to the bridge and back.

I'm so glad I did. I love living here and I love this overly iconic landmark!
I wanted to remember this day hence the "Dork Shot".

 When I think about it, I was witness to the 50th anniversary right after we moved to SF and in the blink of an eye it seems, now the 75th. If I'm still alive for the 100th I'll be 87! Now that's an accomplishment and I would hate to look back and know that I had skipped the 75th.

I decided to kill two birds with one stone seeing that Monday would be Memorial day so, I decided to take a run back though the Presidio cemetery to pay respect to the all the fallen war heroes. The run was beautiful albeit a mess of people. The weather was beautiful, couldn't have been better and I'm so glad I brought my good camera with me for some good shots. 

Coming back through the woods of the Presidio I finally came upon the cemetery.

 So haunting to see all those grave markers and before I started to get too gloomy I turned and began to run slowly away and thought to myself...I need to call my Dad when I get home. He's been through so much. A veteran of the South Pacific battles in World War II...He's been through Hell and along with losing his wife, oldest daughter, and recently his youngest son, it's been a tough but, full life. I love him and I just want him to know in the time that he has left in this world that I'm trying very hard to make him proud and remain on a true and steady course for which he has inspired me...
I love you Dad...
After my run I came home and got ready, ate, then dragged Cathy up to the Russian Hill park to watch the magnificent but short fireworks display under over and through the Golden Gate Bridge.
Took this from "AP". I watched the show with binoculars.

I got home took 2 ZMA WITH THEANINE (Vitamin Shoppe) and hit the hay and blink it was Monday!
Memorial Day:

Today's plan was the first rendition of the NorCal bike club "Dualathalon". Actually I was planning on doing a fun ride, fun run and dinner afterwards.

Marco, Michael, Ron and Jack

We had to negotiate through quite a bit of sand on the Great Highway.
Marco, Ron, Jack and Michael showed up for the festivities. I hadn't seen Jack and Michael in a very long time.

It all ended up to be a "Hammerfest" Ride, slow fun walk/run/talk. My ass was so kicked from 50 miles of accumualated running and trying to keep up on the bike today, I had nothing left for the fun run

Turnaround point beyond Aquatic Park.


I was so happy to get back to the apartment and just start shoveling down Cathy's huge spread for us. Spagetti basil, garlic bread, salad and coconut cake...! 
Ron enjoys the company of "Lady Gaga" my dog.

The  dogs really enjoyed the new company and got lot's of attention.
We had a great time talking and reminiscing about past rides and had fun with the dogs.

After the gang left with promises to do this again soon, I took a long power nap. I'm now hoping to get some sleep tonight.
Sometimes life can be so good...

I'll remember this.

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