Saturday, May 26, 2012

Running With The Youngsters

Strava meets SF Marathon Fun Run

This week I've reached a landmark in this new found hobby. Three miles short of 5o miles for the week along with two runs in the midst of a whole lot of competitive young people. I'm feeling the pain but, for some reason I just want to keep going.

I received an email invitation form Strava for a "Fun Run" with the San Francisco Marathon coordinators. I RSVP'd and met up with them at the Strava offices at 901 Mission. Beautiful office with lots of busy people and a nice modern cutting edge atmosphere. I guess I'd say a "High Tech" vibe. 

One thing I've begun to notice:
Since taking up running at an older age and getting out in the social network with the younger generation, I'm getting a strange out of place feeling around young athletic types. I'm feeling old and I get the feeling, for them, me being there, it's a bit of a novelty. I could be reading too much into this...It's just a vibe I'm getting. In my head I'm still young, but I'm not! When I start talking and trying to blend in I feel sometimes I come off sounding like an old Douche-bag. I guess I need to watch that.
Top of Filbert and Montgomery
The second thing is that it's so obviously that these younger ones have amazing cardiovascular systems. I can really see the difference. I struggle to keep up and more and more of them are slipping away from me and I just slowly drop back. Then again I'm not doing too bad. Could be worse.

The Strava run was fast, energetic and I just hung on for dear life. I must run with people more often. I can see a significant improvement in my speed for the future. The "schwag" was magnificent! Lot's of health bars, gu's drinks, bottles and other fine stuff. In all I ran about 6 miles with the group and the rest on my own for a great mid-week run.

After spending sometime with the SF Marathon trainers, I was happy to learn that from what they were telling me, I'm pretty far ahead on my Marathon training. Next weekend I'm going to attempt a 4 hour run and see how I do. If I can still walk afterwards I'll be happy.

My run today was with the Fleetfeet group. Dan led the run and after a one block warm up we hit the Steiner hill climb in Pacific Heights...Yikes! We immediately dropped everyone and there were only 4 of us at the top. We then headed west to 17th Ave for the turnaround. On the way back I split off from the group and went on to my own long run through the Presidio, along the waterfront and home for a "Half-Marathon" distance. I was getting pretty sore and I hadn't recovered from my previous runs this week. I came home and tallied my weekly mileage and wow!

One more thing: Kudos to Brooks for their Pure Connect line of footwear.

I received a gift certificate to REI and promptly when down to the local outlet and purchased a pair of "Pure Flow" running shoes. The design is a bit different then my Raveena 3 and I think they're great. Much more mid foot strike. The design does a good job at moving the strike zone forward and less heal combines for a more natural running feel.

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