Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ascension To Dog...

It doesn't get much better than a day like today. I had the opportunity to ride with a great bunch of friends I haven't seen in awhile and brought along someone I recently met who has moved into the building I manage and is venturing from the running world into the world of cycling. This is perfect seeing that I've been getting my feet wet in the running universe so, our crossing paths was very timely. I'm learning a lot of information and passing on what I know from cycling experience back to him. Today was an excellent challenge for him, riding with seasoned cyclists on a beautiful day and hammering up the south side of Mt. Diablo. 
I had a Strava challenge that I felt obligated to take a stab at today. It entailed a section of climb that the Tour Of California riders will be powering over in the up coming race this month.
I felt like I did OK but, sure I could have done a bit better but, I held back seeing that I would still have to complete the 2nd half of the mountain and didn't want to absolutely waste myself in the first half.

below are full ride stats:

 It looks like up in the top 25% at this point and just riding with 1 gear and not my road bike I'll take it! The whole gang PR'd!
from Left-Ron Marco/Ruth Ramon/Lucy

Ron at the "Wall"
 Marco Ruth topping the "Wall"
Marco and Ruth
Today was such a great escape and I felt like for the first time in a while actually got away from work and the day to day bull crap for a change.
Afterwards we were all pretty beat up and I was happy that my friend Eric had driven and I wouldn't have to take the train back to S.F.
We got back and Cathy's Cinco De Mayo party was just starting. It was basically a Dog Party with lot's of Carnitas and chihuahua's abound. My friend Sheryl brought along her cool little guy "Puppy". My girls are just gaga over him...or should I say Gaga is gaga over him...
Walter (the Dog) has been our long term guest this week and loving it. 

I think a lot about how much I love dogs...especially my dogs. We've become so close and they just add the sparkle in my life that I had been missing for so long. It's like I've found God-Dog. I just worship them for their love, innocence and honesty. Virtues that are hard to find in this day and age.
I found this beautiful video and song and it just really kind of captured how I'm feeling right now. I'm ascending out of a lot of problems and issues I've been dealing with and these little animals have helped me through it all. Today I can truthfully say I found some happiness and found myself enjoying the day. I hope the trend continues...

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