Sunday, October 28, 2012

Graffiti Art by Satellite-An Epic Adventure

After a week to remember:
Allergy cold
Felony assault on me and the dogs (more later)
Giant slip off the wagon
World series!
Foot issues, slowing my run training
Incapacitating shots in the arms at the Doctors

Something I'll never forget: I got an invite to ride with "Chris Phipps" a popular Bay Area Cyclist/Runner and Strava wizard on Saturday to replicate his great work of art displayed below...

This was composed by GPS tracking loaded up to Strava website (A social and athletic training web tool).
We would basically start our GPS units and follow a template overlay on a standard map. Seems simple but, is actually quite difficult and painstaking, not to mention the amount of riding, synchronizing gps and finding way's to control point connections with out having to ride our bikes through, buildings, shopping malls etc. We did do a considerable amount of carrying our bikes over lawns, dirt trails and through wooded areas!

I ran two separate GPS units. One to record overall time and miles and one to create the finished design. This map below is the other GPS recording overall mileage and elevation profiles.
I struggled with the idea of getting up to ride so early in the morning after being sick all week. Once I got up and got moving and I was very glad I had forced myself to do this.
When I arrived at the designated meeting area on the west side of Kezar Stadium, I assumed they'd be a hundred cyclist's there to do the ride. I was the  only one there and soon Chris arrived and one other person Katie Evans, a triathlete who's done along with many triathlons, the Hawaiian Iron man! I knew this would probably be a somewhat fast ride.

Chris gave the scope of what we were going to attempt to do for the day. I knew it would be a good 6 hours and about 60 miles with lots of climbing. 

The first third of the ride was not all that bad. Creating the "S" took us north into Pacific Heights, Outer Sunset and through the Golden Gate Park. As we got into the bottom of the "S" and Lower section of the "F" it became quite arduous! The climbing was more difficult and with some bike over trails portage.
Katie in front of me hiking it through the trails and woods

One problem was I didn't bring enough energy food and water and Chris is not one to slow down for anything. Once you get on the train with him you have to hang on for dear life! By noontime I was getting pretty bonked and begged to just stop for some gatorade, chips and a couple of Cliff bars. That did help some but, I may have waited too long and I had trouble getting my energy level back up.
Even though at times it was difficult I don't regret taking on this epic adventure and would do it again anytime.
Me, Katie and Chris along the Outer Sunset

Katie is a brute! She just hammered it all the way.

By the time we reached the Twin Peaks area I was really toast. We then had to go back all the way to the Ingleside area, over to the Outer Mission, up and over Noe Valley and back up through the Upper Market and Haight.
Finally we head out to the Inner Sunset and back along Lincoln, Golden Gate Park and the finish!

I was so glad to be done and when I got home Cathy had a big spaghetti dinner waiting and soon I was down for nap with the doggies.
When I got up I turned on the TV and hunkered down for the 2nd game of the World Series and a few too many beers...
Let's just say today nothing really got done...
 BTW- On Monday of last week around noontime I was attacked with my dogs out in the street by some crazy tweaked up asshole. There was no reason for it and he basically rushed us and kicked my little dog Layla as hard as he could. She went in to screaming spasms and was oozing out body fluid from every orifice! I defended us by kicking at the lunatic, seeing how I couldn't use my hands because  of the other dogs and trying to keep hold of them. It was traumatic and she was rushed to Pets Unlimited, treated medicated and put on a 24 hour watch. For two days she was out of it but, finally came back and is now doing very well yet still traumatized and afraid to go out. I just don't get it. It kind of sent me into a drinking session, cause I just couldn't get that image of her suffering and the attack out of my head. Another day wasted and I'm not feeling anymore safe in this shitty neighborhood I'm living in.
Layla recovering and being checked over by her sister Gaga
Layla Pets Unlimited

My poor little innocent and undeserved of being attacked...

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