Monday, October 15, 2012

Animals, Athleticism -The Elixir For Depression

Lalya   Gaga   Bee
How do you keep the fire stoked? I question myself a lot with that. I hit these walls some days and it's like I've just fallen on my face. No rhyme, no reason...
I've grown up with this so, it's something that doesn't surprise me when it arrives. I've been diagnosed with depression and been down all the different roads of treatment, therapy  anti-depressants, all to no avail. It's one of those things that just is.
It's funny when I get in these moods. My dogs know there's something up and I get the serious "guard dog look." It disarms me and the realization that I'm a very valuable asset to them, that they somehow feel the need to protect me from myself.
My middle dog "Bee" is very attuned to me and when I start going "that bad direction" leaps on me scratching, pawing and licking my face. She knows that I don't need to go to that place. Maybe that's love?...
My experience with these rescue dogs has been completely transcendent for me. I've changed in so many ways because of them. Their honesty, loyalty and genuineness is rare in many humans but typically natural for canines. I find myself being inspired by them and aspire to the degree of pureness of which they exude in abundance.

I want to be like my dogs. At least in the way they seem to be Universe attuned.

They have so much to teach me about the world and myself. They don't have to get high, no need to risk their health and welfare for a rush. Love to exercise and always seem to work out their Doggy Day Care social challenges. They know their place in the pack and are happy in their positions.
My girls are awesome.

In combination with my puppy Prozac, keeping up a regular regimen of cycling, running and working out for my overall fitness is my go to remedy for these bouts of depression. I'm starting to understand and tie together the philosophy of how the human being is naturally born to move, to run and to compete. Secondly humans have a propensity to nurture, it's in our genes to strive for the harmony of others and ourselves.

I now realize that's been my problem all along. I wasn't allowing my being, my soul to do what comes naturally.
I think finally late in life I'm starting to get wise to the secret to living and being happy. All I really had to do in the first place was listen to my inner voice.
I'm hoping I'm right, so far so good.

As far as hitting the wall and falling flat, running has taught me so much. I'm learning to push through the dark and have the faith that tomorrow is another day, that they'll be miles ahead when the sun will come out and I'll float back up to where I'm at peace with myself.

My first Duathlon! October 20th and I'm excited. I never knew that the true definition is Run, Bike, Run. Thought it was just a bike and run? 
In preparation I've gone back to cage/straps for my road bike pedals. Will make the running transition a hell of a lot easier. I'm becoming so "retro" in my old age.

I'm using my "Brooks-True Grits" trail shoes for the run and bike. They have a nice, fairly firm platform and slip in and out of the pedals quite easily.

Seeing my "Grand master" competition and after checking my age groups shirt size order, I think weight will be a factor working in my favor! I wear a small...the only one in the 50-60 group that does.
BTW I'm feeling great on the bike. The core workouts and 8 months of running a pumping up my wattage.
We shall see Saturday!...

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