Saturday, February 2, 2013

Official Training Kickoff and Superbowl Kickoff Weekend

  Only a month late on starting my training season. The ankle is feeling tons better now, although still a bit stiff. I'm trying not to over do it and force myself through the pain which I had been doing and that! , really backfired.
I just wanted to get out and focus without any distractions on my game plan for this year. It's critical that I hit all my training goals and get my Boston Marathon qualifying time. I'm relying heavily on by bike this year for valuable cross training and getting my body used to cruising in the fat burning zone. Being conscience of staying injury free is on the top of the list hence utilizing the more forgiving long rides verses long runs.
I'm getting to the point of confusion over the bi-zillions of training plans out there. I now am just working on my own training plan, extrapolating from what I've learned over the past year. More short fast runs, weekly moderate tempo runs and endurance rides.

I have only 5 weeks of building time before the Oakland Marathon. Due to the ankle sprain in December. I'm not quite sure I'll have what it takes to hit my 3:55 BQ time but, I'm going to try my best. 

The ride today was perfect. Nice and cool, slightly overcast but, Sunny riding up over Ridgecrest and the "Seven Sisters". I love that ride up the backside of Tam. I ran into a couple of guys on the climbs that help on the pacing and distracted from the pain with some conversation. It kills me how fast some of these youngsters are on their bikes. I don't let it beat me down anymore. I just except it and I feel good that at my old age I'm still out there going for it. I've really had the great fortune in my life to have my health and the brains to use it. There was a time where I wasn't appreciative of it and let myself slack. I'm back on track now.

So in 2014 the Boston Marathon will be held the day after my 60th birthday. I'm looking forward to getting back there to visit with what's left of my family and some of the old friends that I'm sure will be impressed that this old fart can run 26.2 miles. I think a lot of my friends were surprised that I made it through high school alive. I was very reckless in my youth...Still am to some extent but, I've toned it down a bit.
Tomorrow I'm going out for an early run. Hoping to do a half-marathon at tempo. Afterwards it's the Superbowl with donuts, beer and pizza. I think Monday is going to be a very non-productive workday for many.

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