Thursday, January 24, 2013

I need this!...
Boston Marathon
For the last month I've been wallowing in my horrible soul sucking "Doom and Gloom" mode since stupidly spraining my ankle just before Christmas.
It's been beating me down to the point of thinking I may have to seek some time of therapy...not physical but, mental! All my focus since my little pipe dream a year ago has been on qualifying for the Boston Marathon. The thought of not being able to do this is totally unacceptable! 

I had gotten to the point that this week I was ready to just throw in the towel and give it all up. The pain has been horrible enough that it's forced me into a bad gait when I walk now. The more I fight it the worse it gets. Two weeks back I finally surrendered and told myself "No Running"!...for 2 weeks anyway.
I have been riding the bike and trying to keep up my aerobic activity along with lot's of core work, lifting which is definitely assisting me in gaining a shit load of upper body weight...Oh yeah, I've been eating like a pig. "Depression eating".
I did try a short run tonight. With interruptions and all it ended up around 4 miles. The longest since New Years, when I tried to run on a swollen ankle.

The first 2 miles were seriously painful but I just forced myself to think beyond the pain and just relax my posture, legs and think about getting past it all.  after awhile I actually did simmer down some and found my rhythm, although at a snails pace.

After I got finished, I actually did feel better. I don't know if the running forced some of the scarring to unbind but, It all seemed to loosen up. Three hours since the run and everything seems pretty good. Am I cured!?
I may try another short run tomorrow and then Saturday will be my long ride and Sunday a Superbowl run 7 to 8 miles if possible.
Last Monday I was able to pull off a brisk 20 + mile bike ride complete with some personal records and didn't seem to bother my ankle too much. Again the bike saves me.

Speaking of Superbowl,, I was disappointed that New England didn't win the big game against the Ravens. Growing up in New England it would have been a fun conflict for me and when San Francisco wins I could needle my family and friends from back there.

Just a short update but hoping to have more to put on here this weekend when I have some time. I now try not to blog when I'm in the deep negative so, the reason behind my sporadic blogging this month.

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