Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Like Shplooge On A Lens So Are The Days Of My Life

Just like this shot of the Space Shuttle flying over the bay from my camera phone in which after seeing the picture realized I never cleaned off the lens before shooting...So is my life. Good things happen and they'll always be some imperfection or I'll come up just short of my goal. In all it doesn't really matter because a tweak here and a tweak there, I can get some value out of it and OK, so it looks a little like an impressionists painting (not a good one), it was sure fun experiencing the art that got me to the that point.

Sometimes in life you just gotta get out the lemon oil and polish that turd! It seemed to happen a lot when I was writing music. There would be an idea that went nowhere fast and after tearing my hair out for hours, finally I'd give a decent burial on to my external hard drive. Periodically I would go through some of these horrid Frankensteinian creations and hear something that caught my attention. I would strip it all down, tweak it, build it back up and voila! A new song is born. Some of my best work was done polishing these wayward turds!

My trail run Sunday was quite an adventure. I've become too comfortable living in San Francisco with it's natural air conditioning. I expected it to be a bit warmer where I had planned to run. I had decided to explore some of the trails of the East Bay and part of the "Wolfpack" Race on October 6th. It's a half marathon trail run along San Pablo Reservoir in Orinda. According to the race roster I will be the second oldest runner. This should be interesting.

I ended up getting quite toasty right from the get go. I did manage to set a Course record on Strava on  a long uphill segment that I didn't know better to stay off. I ended up plowing through my two half water bottles and getting a bit dehydrated before finally securing some water later along the reservoir. I was starting to get headache and bit of a shaky feeling.

After I dunked my head in cold water, refueled and cooled off I was ready to get running again and started my climb up to the San Pablo Dam. I was rewarded with a beautiful vista, a million fire fuel eating goats and a nice buzzy runners high.
Mission accomplished!

I feel more comfortable knowing the terrain more and I worked on some interesting downhill running techniques that will definitely be helpful come race time.
This week has been a little tough. I've feeling a little over-trained and feeling like I may be coming down with something.
After Tuesdays grueling run where I couldn't even get myself down into the 7 minute range, I should probably take 2 consecutive day off and get myself together. On more run over there on Sunday and I should be good to go.

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