Sunday, December 23, 2012

Low Key Week, Except For The Sprained Ankle

This has to be one of the most boring weekends in a long time. On Thursday I pulled a bonehead maneuver and tripped running dogs downstairs in my building. I was rewarded with a sprained ankle and some rug burns on my arm. No running for a few days, although tomorrow I'll test the waters a bit.

Update: Arrgh! 4 1/2 miles and now my ankle feels broken. Christmas day and I can't even walk. Bonehead maneuver 2...

I probably needed the break anyway. My body needs rest seeing how I've tortured it  for the past 51 weeks!
Hopefully I'll feel re-energized after a few days off. 

I'll do some light running, biking and core work outs for this week and then start hitting it hard again January 1st.

I signed up for the Oakland Marathon in March, San Francisco in June and thinking possibly the Santa Rosa just to make sure I get a chance to qualify for the Boston Marathon in 2014. The costs of race registration have gotten to a point where they're breaking the bank. The good thing though is I have a premium membership with "Strava" and I can still compete on a virtual level. It really helps with the motivation. I'm going to start hunting down the leader board ladies and gentlemen going into the new year. 

I have to say it's been quite an experience getting into running this year. I hope to get a good balance of running and bike this year and with the racing experience over the last few months, I'm feeling more confident and hope to take it up a notch.

My New Years resolution is get a better grip on life, financially, athletically and just pull myself together and become more disciplined and dedicated to my goals.

I've met some amazing people over this past year. I feel inspired and bit humbled. The North Face Challenge Marathon was a huge event for me. It was the toughest and I felt like I was involved in something so much bigger than anything I've ever experienced before athletically.
Yesterday I received a package containing a cool running hat and note congratulating me on placing in my age group! That was a good feeling.

Update: "Buzz Burrell" 60 year old trail blazer, who kicked my ass at the NFC 26.2, facebooked me back today and congratulated me and said "let's meet some time when I'm up that way"! FUCK YEAH! That was a nice Christmas present.

Well there you have it...a very boring week aside from the dogs we've had all week which, has made it somewhat lively at times...

Here's our favorite guest "Charlie"!

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