Sunday, August 5, 2012

Saturday Jump Start

I'm anxious to get back to a regular training schedule including more cycling. Today I kind of got the itch to maybe sign up for some races. As I started out on my Saturday ride in the cold and fog, I wasn't really enthused with riding across the bridge and decided to ride local. It was my fortune to run into one of my friends who just happens to be a Cal masters state champion competitive cyclist. He was out getting warmed up for a race coming up on Sunday.

 Accompanied by some of his riding buddies who looked pretty formidable! I rode by them and immediately turned around, caught up and asked if they didn't mind me riding along...even though I was on my one speed, they said fine.

I kind of knew I was asking for it but, surely this would be the workout I needed. I wasn't disappointed. Even though the were somewhat taking it easy the day before their race, it was still a bit of a hammer fest for me on my cannonball on wheels. At one point we rode up "Lovers Lane" which is a particular steep grind. I couldn't keep the momentum up and just got of the bike and ran up it which was actually much faster. As I've said before I really like the work out I get on a one speed. It works well with my running although it puts me at a bit of a disadvantage with the road bike guys.
I ended up having a great time and we mostly talked about running. My friend Chris comes from the running world and was just as amazing running as he is with the bike.
I like being around these guys that inspire me. I don't feel intimidated and I'm a bit older than most of my friends. It's kind of interesting that I don't have a whole lot of friends my age. I guess that's a good thing for forcing me to work harder at my athleticism.

Tomorrow I run and plan on doing some tempo work. I'm looking forward to The Santa Rosa Marathon, although the logistics and costs will be a bit of an issue, I'm really interested in seeing how I'll do for my second Marathon with less elevation than the SF Marathon. I think after this event I may concentrate on some shorter Fall races and some trail running. If I qualify for the Boston Marathon than I'll have a whole new set of plans and a new direction plotted out for my winter.

In the meantime work has been OK, although I'm taking yet another huge financial hit. I need to make it work somehow. I'm really inspired to take time and train to be an amateur athlete and see how far I can go.
I may get burned out with it all but, I can always come back to the music after all...

The dogs are so happy with their new home and the dog care has been somewhat steady and helping with the financial imbalances.The dogs are so happy with their new home and the dog care has been somewhat steady and helping with the financial imbalances.

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